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Putting Green Installation

  • Landscaping to compliment your green, such as water features, paths and planting schemes.

  • Bunkers to make your practice time more challenging.

  • Undulations, contours, flat and two – tiered greens.

  • 3,6,9 hole golf academies designed and built.

  • Safe for families & children

  • Durable with over a 10 year lifespan

  • Pet friendly

  • Custom designs available

  • Low maintenance

  • No need to water

All golfers know that practice is key when it comes to mastering your short game - crucial to lowering your score! But who has the time or the inclination to head to the course every time they want to get a quick practice session in?

Once only available to the super-rich - or those with acres of space - an at-home putting green can be a practical (and now affordable!) way to keep in the swing of things at home, and with the very latest artificial lawn technology at our disposal, including our Turnberry artificial putting surface, you won’t even need to employ a greenkeeper. 

With over 25 years experience in the golf and greenkeeping industry, your at-home putting green project could not be in safer hands. From design through to completion, our friendly, expert team can install a stunning, low-maintenance green at home, so that you can practice whenever you like.

All Weather Putting Greens

Create your ideal outdoor practice ground for both long and short range putting skills – with

custom bunker design, contours and tiered greens, we built your course around your skills and

preferences. Our synthetic putting courses are suitable for all weather types and deliver a high

quality finish that looks, feels and plays as good as real grass.

Want to know more about home Putting green installations?

We’ve put together the answers of some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about our putting green installations, installation and maintenance.

1. What Is Putting Green Grass?

Putting green grass is a short, close-knit artificial grass that simulates the texture and feel of a real golf green. Our artificial at-home putting greens offer you the most realistic playing conditions possible, absorbing the energy of the ball and allowing natural ball roll to mimic natural play. 

Plus, you won’t have to worry about over or under watering, applying chemicals to combat infestations or infections, or the ‘grass’ growing any higher than the day it was installed!

2. How Much Will It Cost Me To Install An Artificial Putting Green?

Costs for an at-home putting green are going to vary depending on the shape and size of your space, and the complexity of your design, but as a rule a figure of approximately £120per m2 should be considered, this is a basic cost then added features such as quantity of fringe, bunkers etc.

3. What Is The Best Material For An At-Home Artificial Putting Green? 

Our years of knowledge and experience in both the worlds of golf and artificial lawns tell us that polypropylene artificial grass is the best, for both shots in the green and for consistent putting speed. 

4. What Makes For The Best Artificial Putting Green?

We think one that offers you as many playing scenarios as possible! Uphill, downhill, fringe shots...even bunker shots can all be possible in your garden with a design from Lookreal Lawns. 

5. How Do You Install An Artificial Putting Green?

Once you’ve approved the design that we’ve made with your exact specifications in mind, we’ll start by removing any existing vegetation from the area and laying a strong ground membrane to prevent any weed growth and to improve stability.

A stone layer is applied to complete the base and shape the green, and then a layer of grano dust is screened over to give you a smooth flowing surface. The artificial grass is then fitted, holes cut, and rolled ready to play!

This method will provide a long-lasting green that simulates real game play, as opposed to cheaper versions that just involve laying artificial grass onto a flat area of your garden.

6. How Long Will My Artificial Putting Green Last?

With a good cleaning and maintenance schedule, your artificial putting green can last well over the 10-12 year life span advised by manufacturers - your game has to improve in that time, surely!

7. How Do I Maintain My Artificial Putting Green?

We’re glad you asked! Look Real Lawns offer a twice a year visit to deep clean and roll the surface of your green to ensure that your game continues to improve! 

You can do your bit to keep your artificial putting green in tip-top condition by regularly checking the edges for weeds, and removing debris such as leaves and animal droppings with a blower or brush.

8. What Can Look Real Lawns Offer To Complement My Artificial Putting Green?

We can offer a variety of services and extras to complement your new artificial putting green, including:

  • Water features, paths and planting schemes.

  • Bunkers to make things more challenging!

  • Undulations, contours, and two-tiered greens.

We’re also able to design and build 3,6 and 9 hole golf academies.

You can request an artificial putting green quote on our Contact Us page or call us directly on 07748 350 530.


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Putting Green Installation Quote

Make an enquiry so we can get in touch to visit or discuss your requirements at a time that suits you.